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My idea was to make a tribute to I did this by making the service more useful. I also show how one can use GreyBox to make the web a little more fun.

Notice: I hacked this script in some hours and the code is very dirty.

How to use the script?

It should be easy to use this script:

  • Add two JavaScript files (AmiJS.js and greybox.js)
  • Add one CSS file (greybox.css)
  • Add some configuration JavaScript (look in the demo and paste it in). Remember to change amix to your own name... :)
  • Call a GreyBox window:
GB_show('Tha Caption', 'doubleup/tag_cloud.html', 300, 550)

Check out the code in the demo for more information. It should be easy - I hope :)

What browsers are supported?

  • IE 5.5 and 6
  • Firefox 1.5
  • Safari 2
  • Opera

It may work with other browsers as well.

Download current version

Change log

  • Version 1.2
    Fixed some width issues
  • Version 1
    First release. Please report back bugs if you find any.
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