skeletonz - The simple Python CMS system

Skeletonz mostly uses its own framework stack. This stack is quite simple and mimics other very known Python frameworks.

The old stack

Skeletonz started using following Python stack:

The new stack

As time went by the frameworks showed their limitations in size [MochiKit], perfomance [CherryPy], bugs and complexity [SQLObject and Textile]. To solve these issue we created following stack:

  • AmiWeb - Mini CherryPy with a much better performance
  • AmiJS - Mini MochiKit with mini size (around 20kb vs. 150kb of MochiKit)
  • AmiDB - Mini ORM
  • AmiFormat - Looks like textile, but without the bugs. 200 lines of code versus 3000 lines for textile.
  • Cheetah Template
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