skeletonz - The simple Python CMS system

The 'skeletonz' directory structure

folder /model

All the database specific things are in here. This includes database creation code, backup, CMSModel, UserModel etc.

folder /modules

Modules has template specific classes. This includes content, footer, header, menu. specifies how a Template, AdminTemplate, PluginTemplate and SiteEditTemplate looks like and what they should import of JS and CSS.

folder /mylib

Includes some small libraries and WSGI middleware.

folder /plugins

Includes core plugins that are distributed with Skeletonz.

folder /static

CSS and JavaScript that is used in Skeletonz. Includes stuff like GreyBox, GoogieSpell, AmiBar, etc.

folder /test

Some test code that can be run to see if things still work.

folder /view

Cheetah template code! Includes how header, footer and other sites are rendered. I.e. transformed to HTML.

folder /view/admin

Template code for the admin section.

folder /view/d_components

Dynamic template components. Components that aren't cached. They also have a syntax, namely:

<?= cms_status_box ?>
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