skeletonz - The simple Python CMS system

Step 1: Downloading Skeletonz

You can obtain Skeletonz from our download page. Extract this on your desktop (or similar location).

Step 2: Configuring

Edit This file is commented and it should be trivial to edit it.

Step 3: Getting it started

Be sure that you have created a database for Skeletonz, and that you can connect to the database server (or else you are going to get an error when you start the server).

Are you ready!? From a terminal type:


This is going to initialize the site (connect to the database server, create database tables if necessary etc.) and start the server on the port from To see your website type this URL in your browser:


PORT could be 14002 or similar, check

Mastering Skeletonz

A great idea would be to browse around the articles found in:

If you need to setup Skeletonz for production use, then read following:

Have fun!

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