skeletonz - The simple Python CMS system

What is Delegate ?

from Delegate website :

DeleGate is a multi-purpose application level gateway, or a proxy server which runs on multiple platforms (Unix, Windows, MacOS X and OS/2). DeleGate mediates communication of various protocols (HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, Telnet, SOCKS, DNS, etc.), applying cache and conversion for mediated data, controlling access from clients and routing toward servers. It translates protocols between clients and servers, applying SSL(TLS) to arbitrary protocols, converting between IPv4 and IPv6, merging several servers into a single server view with aliasing and filtering. Born as a tiny proxy for Gopher in March 1994, it has steadily grown into a general purpose proxy server. Besides beeing a proxy, DeleGate can be used as a simple origin server for some protocols (HTTP, FTP and NNTP).

Wow ! It sounds interesting : Delegate seems to be a real network Swiss army knife... but what use can it have with Skeletonz ?

Serving Skeletonz on port 80

Let's say you want to publish your Skeletonz pages on port 80. On Linux systems, this is a privileged port (means you have to be root to acces it), and it's a bad idea to launch Skeletonz as root !

OK, Delegate will help us to handle this.
Imagine we have a Skeletonz instance running on http://myserverIP:8080% and we want to redirect all calls from the internet to to this server. That's quite easy to do

As root, run

delegated -P80 MOUNT="/* http://myserverIP:8080/* host=*" PERMIT="http:myserverIP:*"

Serving several Skeletonz instances on port 80, on the same server

You're wrong if you think Delegate cannot handle more !
Let's say we have two Skeletonz instances runnning on http://myserverIP:8080% and http://myserverIP:8081%.
We want to the first instance to be linked to, and the second to

As root, run

delegated -P80 MOUNT="/* http://myserverIP:8080/*"
MOUNT="/* http://myserverIP:8081/*" PERMIT="http:myserverIP:*"

nota : don't forget the "-" before site name

Serving a "secured Skeletonz instance"

Always as root (as 443 is also a privileged port), run

delegated -P443 SERVER=https FCL=sslway RELIABLE="*" MOUNT="/* http://myserverIP:8080/*" REACHABLE=myserverIP

And your Skeletonz instance will be available on https://myserverIP% !